peer beyond the veil

    Peer Beyond The Veil

    Join Mark L. Watson as we explore the physical and the metaphysical realms and the threads that join them.


    Now into our second season, each week we bring you a fascinating guest to tell their story and share their work.

    Most have television credits to their names, or multiple book releases of which to speak, and all are active in their research into the supernatural, the occult, the esoteric and the unknown.


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explore the episodes here

season one

 with the

episode one

Following the

episode three

Tales of the
Shadow Chaser

episode five

Life and death:

episode seven

On patrol
The Alien Hunter

episode two

Touring the darkness of supernatural Yorkshire

episode four

From ritual
to reality

episode six

Skinwalking the
37th Parallel

episode eight

episode nine

Tracking and trailing hidden beasts

episode eleven

The terror of Devil's Den

episode thirteen

Whispers from beyond

episode fifteen

the supernatural
Paranormal roads,
forests and
other hot-spots

episode ten

Acknowledging the cover-up

episode twelve

The enigma of consciousness

episode fourteen

Explorations in the dark

episode sixteen

season two

episode one

Finding the
soul behind
the story

episode three

Mind control
DMT and
the occult
The South Shields Poltergeist

episode two

New Jersey Paranormal Project

episode four

Adventures from
the mountains 
to the mind
The journey to where the footprints end
Opening the doors to
the mind
Solving the hard problem of consciousness

 halloween special