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mind control and synchronicity


Marie D. Jones

season two                         episode three

Mind control and synchronicity

with Marie D. Jones

Whilst often shied away from, shunned, or even mocked, a belief in the existence of another realm of consciousness is significantly more widespread than we often acknowledge.

Many are followers of a religion, who believe that there is a omni-present god or an afterlife associated with that, who say prayer at altars to beings unseen.

Others are of a spiritual nature, in tune with natural order. Along the line there are those who believe in things such as fate and destiny, that the universe plays some, quiet, backseat part in your life and your place here. Some believe clearly in life after death, in ghosts, in all manner of spectral entities, and then of course in extra-terrestrial life, ultra-terrestrial existences and the power of the mind over matter.

It is thought that around 84% of the world’s population classify themselves as being religious or followers of a religion. Of the remaining 16% or so, it is safe to say that many would fall into the other categories I describe.

What you are left with, is a picture of a global population whose belief system is structured around the notion that we are not alone.

Whilst many would not regard it as important, It is for others still somewhat needed to try to verify a little of this with science, itself an ever-changing thing. Studies and findings replace those which came before them, beliefs change and adapt to changing circumstances, and we slowly move our knowledge base onwards and upwards.

The issue of course is that things like expanded consciousness, religious existence, and life after death, are largely unable to be proved one way or the other by current scientific methods.

Indeed the very concept of these things may only exist within the conscious itself.

But we’ll get there.

And we’ll get there because of the work done by the pioneers of study. Each takes a subject, or indeed many, and climb onto the shoulders of the giants who walked before them, slowly reaching closer to the light.

Described by New York Times bestselling author Jim Marrs for her work on Quantum Physics and New Science, as having ‘joined the list of forward-thinking individuals who are taking us to the next level in both science and our understanding of the universe and our place in it’, it is with great pleasure that we welcome the fantastic Marie D Jones to the show tonight.

Marie’s work in bridging science and the paranormal has earned her widespread acclaim across the communities of both, and she has a huge list of incredibly researched books and papers on topics of consciousness and the mind, conspiracy, propaganda and mind control, mysteries of the human mind such as deja vu and synchronicity, and a range of other metaphysical studies.

Marie joins us to talk through her work and to share a little about how each of us, when we really think about it, will quite often Peer Beyond The Veil.

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