about Mark

Mark lives in the rural countryside of south-east England with his wife and two young sons.

He was born in Carlisle to Val and Lloyd Watson, a journalist and editor for Reuters, and spent the early part of his life in the city, before moving south to follow his father's work to the suburbs on the outskirts of London.

He studied English, Theatre and Law and worked abroad in Austria and Freeport, Bahamas.

On his return he worked as a chef for many years, before embarking on a career in media and multimedia outlets.

A keen writer of screenplays and scripts throughout his life, Mark finally began to

put pen to paper on his first novel in 2014. Three years in the making, 

Where Men Once Walked was finally published in 2017, an epic telling of a

young man's tumultuous attempt to cross overland from northern Thailand

back to Europe as a global disaster takes a strangle-hold on the globe. 

Hot on it's heels was the follow-up in 2019, Where Fires Are To Burn. 

Set in the same dystopian world as the first novel, albeit a few years later

and with a different cast of characters, the novel tells of a young family's

attempts to salvage hope and sanctity as they cross through a ravaged

Mexico in search of the border and a fabled promise-land.

In 2018, Mark was contacted for a potential upcoming podcast that he

was working on by a young genomics researcher named Edie Courtman.

Whilst the podcast didn't materialise at the time, Edie's story and the

revelations which surrounded it would become the basis for Mark's third

book, set for release later in 2021.


In 2020, the podcast did itself come to fruition. Titled Peer Beyond The Veil,

Mark speaks to guests from various disciplines within the paranormal,

supernatural, spiritual, esoteric and occult fields, as they delve into the world

of the unknown. Each week a new guest shares their work and their research as

they try to make ground on some of life's most fundamental unknowns.

A keen artist in any discipline, Mark is inspired by the literary works of Cormac McCarthy and

Gabriel Garcia Marquez,  and the music of the late 1960s in bands such as Led Zeppelin and The Doors, and in the natural world around us, where Mark spend as much of his spare time as he can with his dog, Darwin.