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the journey to where the footprints end


Joshua Cutchin

season two                       episode seven

The journey to where the footprints end

with Joshua Cutchin

Since the times before Buddhism spread across the tribes of the east, it’s influences climbing the highest peaks of the Himalayas, reaching those shamanic mountain peoples who occupied the remotest of villages, the legend of the meh-teh, or the yeti, has existed.


It would be decades before strange, huge footprints were found in northern California, and the legend of the meh-teh’s distant cousin took on the form of bigfoot.

Many believe that the two creatures are of the same evolutionary branch of the great tree of life, their size and profile, their hair colour and behaviour altering slightly to their habitation.


Wild man myths and legends exist across cultures, the orang pendek hides in the forests of Indonesia, the almasty his cousin in Mongolia. In Slavic folklore there are tales of the leshy, the shepherds of northern Pakistan tell of the barmanou and the greyman haunts the highest peaks of the Scottish Cairngorms.

But as yet, no man has stepped forward with irrefutable proof of the existence of any of them. We have no body, no hair, no teeth, no scat, no photograph which is deemed inarguable.

So could they possibly exist on this tiny rock of ours with us and entirely evade any capture of cataloguing?

Perhaps, such a thing is not entirely impossible.

But perhaps there is another explanation.

Perhaps they exist here with us, but in a way which differs from ours.

Should they be able to come and go from our reality, show themselves whenever they choose, however they choose, then perhaps they are here all of the time, and what we catch is the merest glimpse behind the curtain.

Such theories are wild and varied. They are spirits, they are extra-terrestrials, they’re ultra-terrestrials, we of course have no real way to know. Yet.

The evidence for all of the above is present, but we are yet to gather enough evidence of any of them for us to all land in the same place on such things.

My guest tonight is rapidly changing that.

A researcher and author on various aspects of the paranormal spectrum, he has penned two of the finest and most well-researched compendiums of knowledge on the bigfoot phenomenon. Meticulous in detail and with the great ability to unearth and analyse the variety of theories which abound, it is with great pleasure that we welcome the fantastic Joshua Cutchin to the show tonight to share some of his work, and to explain how, if we’re going to get to the bottom of bigfoot, then we all need to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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