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Opening the doors to the mind


Michelle Belanger

season two                         episode eight

Opening the doors to the mind

with Michelle Belanger

Since the Bronze Age, cultures around the globe have developed belief systems based on mythology, on anthropomorphic gods who walk between the physical realm and the beyond. They have created complex systems of religion which draw on astrology, astronomy and cosmology, even when studies of such things were in their infancy. Some of the most ancient philosophical concepts in Chinese culture deal with the yin and yang, of a state of being beyond the natural body.

Studies of our very existence are seemingly as old as man, the very first records of our species showing hints that we have always questioned our place. And so they go on, discussing the nature of our being, of the contrast between what is actual and what is potential. The concept of mind vs matter.

These philosophical questions, which we term metaphysics, have broadened to the furthest reaches of our imagination. We question every thing that there is to be questioned.

What is our mind? What is consciousness? What part do we play in our own existence, and what part does existence play in us? We bring in the quantum concepts of study, of physics and of all the sciences, to help advance our knowledge to a place where we can better understand this meaning of life. In the theoretical quantum field theory, the known concepts of space and time are questioned themselves, as we push into areas of study not always widely accepted. But despite it all, despite what modern scientific study can do, we need to only look back to the beginnings to see that the power of the mind lies in the mind.

No part of the human brain, mapped in its entirety, controls the human consciousness. Yet it is there. And so perhaps we are looking in the wrong places. Perhaps we just need more time.

My guest tonight is constantly questioning the world around her, and the world within herself, and indeed the relationship between the two. Her works on various fields of metaphysics and studies of consciousness are go-to documents for those who endeavour to learn more about the realms of the mind.

An acclaimed writer of numerous works, a fabulously-gifted psychic medium who has appeared on numerous tv shows, and a font of vast knowledge on all manner of strange and wonderful topics, it is an honour to welcome the beautifully-talented Michelle Belanger to the show tonight to talk about her life and her work, and how she carries the light with her whenever she is drawn to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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