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adventures from the mountains to the mind


Travis McHenry

season one                           episode four

Adventures from the mountains to the mind 

with Travis McHenry

Across history, the boundaries of knowledge have been pushed and expanded by the tireless explorers and adventurers who walked before us.

They climbed into ships and boats, onto horses or camels or elephants, and they set off on foot with compass and knife in hand, away into the fog of uncertainty.

They pushed through jungle and discovered new beasts and insects and plants, they crossed oceans in vessels unsuitable for great voyage, never sure of their return. They discovered ancient civilisations, pieced together parts of mysteries which tested our greatest minds, and time and again advanced everything we thought we knew.

But as we move forward into modern times, more and more of our planet has been trekked, mapped and charted. Much of the old school adventuring is done, though there are still many exceptions.

And so, today’s adventurer takes a different path.

Still venturing into darkened jungle, ancient ruins and underground caverns, they search for that which is still very much undiscovered; the truths about our place in the universe and in our reality.

We have no proof that there is life after death, no proof that we aren’t alone in the universe, no proof that there are creatures in the woods who we know from folktales.

But we search, as we must, until the end.

Our guest tonight is an intrepid paranormal adventurer and investigator, who has documented his journey from darkened cemetery to treacherous mountain-top in search of the truth about the unknown and to solve the most intriguing of paranormal enigmas.

A film-maker, actor and musician, as well as an author of the occult and a practicing tarot master, it is our pleasure to welcome Travis McHenry to the show to talk with us tonight, as he takes a quick dive into some of the things that repeatedly draw him back to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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