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paranormal roads, forests and other hot-spots


Peter A. McCue

season one                            episode ten

Paranormal roads, forests and other hot-spots

with Peter A. McCue

Many of us, perhaps too many, approach the wide-ranging fields of paranormal research with a little too much paranormal and too little research. A huge element of subjective belief and influence goes into it all, and as there is often no scientific explanation to support or validate it, science often falls at the wayside.

My guest tonight approaches things a little differently.

A clinical psychologist by trade, with a PhD awarded from the University of Glasgow for his work on hypnosis, Peter McCue falls on both sides of the aforementioned fence.

A believer that there are indeed a range of strange, unexplained, and by virtue, paranormal things that occur in our world that are yet beyond the reaches of modern scientific explanation, he approaches each case with a well-trained clinical approach.

The conclusions he draws have seemingly more weight attached to them as a result.

His books, including Paranormal Encounters on Britain’s Roads and Britain’s Paranormal Forests are extensively researched, sources cited in meticulous detail and packed full of the weird and wonderful happenings in our ancient country.

It is our great pleasure to welcome Peter to the show to discuss with us a little about what makes us want to Peer Beyond The Veil.

Peter's work can be found here


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