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following the synchronicities


Allen Greenfield

season one                         episode three

Following the synchronicities

with Allen Greenfield

Occultist and long-time author Allen H. Greenfield has been one of the key players in his field for many decades. His first published work was the introduction to Silver Bridge by the great Gray Barker, an old friend, colleague and drinking partner of Greenfield’s, and somebody of whom many great stories can, and will, be told.

His work The Secret Cipher Of The Ufonauts, which forms the basis for the treasure hunt that is the documentary Hellier, underpins our very existence with all manner of strange beings, from this world and others, and has served to many as a go-to reference point for confirming the synchronicities encountered throughout their research.

A past member of the Society For Psychical Research and the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, and twice voted Ufologist of the Year at the National UFO Conference, Allen joins us tonight to explain how he has dedicated his life to trying to Peer Beyond The Veil

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