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acknowledging the cover-up


Andrew Johnson

season one                       episode twelve

Acknowledging the cover-up

with Andrew Johnson

The glimpses of the truth, the reality, the secret, that we civilians occasionally stumble onto are kept hidden away at all costs.

When information leaks, it is always deliberate. They tell us that there is disclosure, that they are willing to share information, but either it is intentional misinformation or their hands are otherwise forced.

What they know, whoever ‘they’ are, is a secret they will, and indeed have, killed to protect.

Human collateral damage is immaterial. We’re all dispensable when it comes to the master plan.

Former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid admitted himself that what information we have only scratches the surface of the research and materials that the US government hold.

And whilst some nations are more open about their research programs and funding, there is still a huge veil of secrecy draped across government involvement.

My guest tonight is trying to lift the lid, rip down the curtain, kick the door off its hinges and expose the cover-up. His books detail not only the great UFO cover-up, but also that of 9/11 and of global warming, amongst others.

Far from being a conspiracy theorist as such, Andrew Johnson joins us tonight to talk through his work exposing the lies that we are habitually told. Whilst the governments aim to keep we the people in fear, drip feeding their own agendas into our lives and shaping us how they wish, Andrew implores us to try to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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