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explorations in the dark


Paranormal Encounters U.K

season one                      episode sixteen

Explorations in the dark

with Paranormal Encounters U.K

The county of Lancashire in northern England has a long and varied history of the paranormal and the unusual.

An ancient place, wrapped in centuries of toil and warfare. The buildings, many of them as old as time, still stand in places, holding the memories of what has been. A place of witches, spectres, ghostly black dogs, the lady in white and the lady in green.

The county, and the neighbouring cities of Manchester and Liverpool, paint a textured canvas of spooky colours, wisps of the unknown and the ancient twist around the stone homes and forgotten factories and mills.

Where better to be a ghost hunter?

Tonight I am joined by Dan and Lindsay from Paranormal Encounters UK, a leading paranormal investigation team from the area who actively chase down that which many of us hide from.

They get themselves into the darkened spaces, the forgotten old buildings. When the door knocks, they knock back. Employing simple techniques, not swamping themselves in tech, not running for running’s sake, they seek to debunk everything first, yet have a wealth of fascinating, terrifying, entirely unexplainable evidence on film. I asked them what led them to chase the darkness and Peer Beyond The Veil

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