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the New Jersey paranormal project


Richard Moschella

season two                            episode two

The New Jersey Paranormal Project

with Richard Moschella

In 1735 on a dark and turbulent night in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, Jane Leeds was struggling to cope with her twelve children. Upon finding that was indeed pregnant with a thirteenth, she cried out in frustration, proclaiming that the unborn child would be the devil itself.

When it was born the child appeared to have hooves, thick wings and the head of a goat. It growled and moaned, pushed itself free of the midwife, and flew away, up the chimney and away into the pines. Still seen to this day, the unholy child would be known forevermore as the Jersey Devil.

Such stories are surely only folk tales, myths, legends, with little more to them.

But the Jersey Devil is not the only thing haunting the dark corners of the garden state.

The third state to be ratified in 1787, it has a long history which is mired in horror and bloodshed, murder and mystery. From the Spy House in Bayshore, where legendary pirate Captain Morgan tortured people in the basement to the Devils Tree in Bernards Township, a supposed gateway to the otherworld which curses any who try to fell it, there are no shortage of terrifying locations.


In these twisting times that we all now live, many of us are confined to our homes. But no virus shall halt the intrepid.

Leading the charge, determined to continue the investigation into what walks those dark hallways, those lonely graveyards and ancient inns, Richard Moschella has a project in his hands.

His New Jersey Paranormal Project, comprising a perfectly-selected group of extremely talented and dedicated investigators, have made it their mission to unearth what lies beneath.

Richard recently compiled some of the most gripping, most compelling, downright weirdest tales from their project into a book, and he joins us tonight to talk about some of them, and to share with us what pulls him from his home, time and again, to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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