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on patrol with the alien hunter


Derrel Sims

season one                           episode two

On patrol with The Alien Hunter

with Derrel Sims


More than forty years ago, Derrel Sims had his first encounter with an entity from beyond our existence. 

Left eternally changed by the encounter, and by subsequent encounters, he set about changing his role from that of the hunted, to that of the hunter.

He spent three decades equipping himself, mentally, intellectually, to set about being the first to discover what our role truly is in this cosmic game, this experiment we seem to be unwitting participants in. 

With a career as a military police officer, a CIA operative and private investigator, a researcher and international speaker, and eventually a writer and tv personality, it is with huge pleasure that we welcome The Alien Hunter himself, Derrel Sims, to tell us in his own, terrifyingly truthful way, exactly what happens when you Peer Beyond The Veil.

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