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skinwalking the 37th parallel


Chuck Zukowski

season one                         episode eight

Skinwalking the 37th Parallel

with Chuck Zukowski

Most nations of the world have their own paranormal hotspots, sites and locations that seem to attract weirdness, Some are prone to repeated hauntings, places where ghosts and spirits and demons frequent. Others are seemingly home to bigfoots or black cats and dogs. Yet others seem to be highways and byways for the strange things that we see in the skies. In the US, there exist many of the above, but none so seemingly vast as the land which spans the country 37 degrees north of the equator. Known as the 37th Parallel North, or more generally as simply the 37th Parallel, it runs from Chesapeake Bay at the East to Santa Cruz at the west, passing through 12 states on its way.

Despite it’s two and a half thousand mile span across the country, it is seemingly a hotspot for all manner of strange, paranormal and extra-terrestrial phenomena, providing a concentration of accounts not known at any other circle of latitude.

Natives of the Apache, Navajo, Hopi and Pueblo all tell stories of their people being brought to the Earth along the 37th, and all tell of lights, flying glowing objects and visiting 'star people'.

Thousands of cattle have been mutilated in Kansas and Arkansas since the 70s, and further west in New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona they are so frequent that most are no longer even reported. In New Mexico there are tales of giant flying prehistoric birds, walking ape men and chupacabras, portals and vortexes and spirits and even the deep mystery of the fabled Dulce underground base.

At the forefront of the investigations into such things is Chuck Zukowski, chasing down the truth to wherever it may lead. From Skinwalker Ranch to Area 51 and every weird woodland and cliffside in between. His skeptical yet innovative approach to his research has earned him the position of Deputy Director for Animal Mutilation Research at MUFON, an organisation he has frequently investigated for. His book with Ben Mezrich on the 37th Parallel spent two months on the New York Times Best Seller list, but it really only scratches the surface of the reports Chuck has gathered, as a huge swathe of the United States will often Peer Beyond The Veil.


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