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the enigma of consciousness


Micah Hanks

season one                   episode fourteen

The enigma of consciousness

with Micah Hanks

In the mid-19th Century, as paranormal research groups and organisations sprang up across the continent and into the new world, the great library of such study began to amass on the dusty shelves, each ruffled old page taking us one tiny step closer to a perceived truth, a new enlightenment, a greater understanding of what our place is in the world and beyond, and what is truly going on inside the greatest enigma known to mankind, our own minds.

As we moved into the twentieth century, our minds were as open to such notions of extra-terrestrial existence, post-mortal existence and telepathic ability as they had ever been.

Individuals such as Charles Fort paved the way for the writing of Keel, Barker and Mosely, von Daniken and Vallee.

And then, quite recently, the medium changed and ideas were able to be broadcast internationally at the simple push of a button.

And so today’s researchers, whilst still writing incredible books, have turned to their own voices and the wonder of the internet to broadcast and to connect with one another in instants.

Such is the case with my guest tonight.

Described by my fellow paranormal countryman Nick Redfern as “one of those individuals at the forefront of skilfully negotiating the dark waters that will ultimately provide us with the answers we seek”, he has secured his place at the council fire of today’s true greats. With numerous books and, quite incredibly, numerous active podcasts to his name, Micah Hanks joins us tonight to talk about what it is that keeps making him Peer Beyond The Veil.

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