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finding the soul behind the story


Jim Perry

season two                           episode one

Finding the soul behind the story

with Jim Perry

Before we drop off the cliff into the murky waters of season 2, we step outside for a breath of air and to analyse what draws us all to be here, and to allow ourselves to appreciate that we are all just simple humans, all on our own journeys. 

In this small but varied community, we occupy the same websites, chatrooms, conference halls, and we read the same books and listen to the same podcasts.

The overall quest for answers and for the truth, or indeed, our truth, is that which connects us.

But we are all here for very different reasons.

Some may take scientific approaches, eager to put in place the next tiny piece of data which leads us in the right direction. Some are looking for a spiritual enlightenment, a way to connect with themselves, or the universe around them. Some look for ways to communicate with lost loved ones, to pass messages or to understand what lays ahead for themselves.

Amongst us, there are a million people with a million different reasons for why they search for that which they do.

And it is that, which truly connects us.

We are human beings, and we each appreciate that we do not have the answers to life’s mysteries.

And so, if the loud noise and bright lights of the paranormal are taken away, the individuals behind, walking, often alone, through the cluttered darkness, form the basis of all of this.

There is no man I know of who better identifies and showcases the beauty and the pain of the human story than Jim Perry.

Host of the critically-acclaimed Euphomet, a film-maker, researcher and radio broadcaster. We have the great pleasure of welcoming Jim to the show tonight as he tells us a little about what draws him to Peer Beyond The Veil.

You can follow Jim's work and listen to Euphomet here


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