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                                           episode twelve


In this episode we finish our journey through the history of Great Britain with a quick trip through the 1900s.

It’s a century that we are all most familiar with, and most of us will have indeed lived through some of it, or have parents and grandparents who may have lived through most of it.

We leave the reign of Queen Victoria and enter half a century of war on a scale never before seen, as the First World War leads into the even larger theatre of the Second. 

As the wars finish we finally reach a time where peace and love is on the agenda, high fashion and rock and roll against a technicolour landscape. And as the 1900s progress, we enter into the technological age, with some of the greatest advancements of science and medicine of any time.


Trenches in WW1

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George V


D-Day in WW2


Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

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