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experimenting with the paranormal


Penny Griffiths-Morgan

season one                           episode one

Experimenting with the paranormal

with Penny Griffiths-Morgan

Tonight we speak with author, presenter, historian and paranormal investigator Penny Griffiths-Morgan.

Penny has long been involved in investigating what hides in the dark, having had her own experiences since she was a young girl.


She has investigated all the hotspots that the UK can boast, and has written books on many of them. Her work with Haunted Histories has led her to her own podcast and quite the list of contacts and guests.

Penny tells us all about her book My Haunted History, and her new release A Haunted Experiment, wherein she tests some of the experiments that are conducted on ghost hunts, and tells us all about the fascinating results.

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Her books on sale at Amazon at


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