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touring the darkness of supernatural Yorkshire


Mike Covell

season one                           episode four

Touring the darkness of supernatural Yorkshire

with Mike Covell

The counties that make up Yorkshire in the uk are notoriously crowded with some of the weirdest and most unexplainable supernatural phenomena ever recorded. 

UFOs fill the skies, ghosts walk the hallways of the ancient towns, and glowing eyes blink in the forests. Documenting it all would take a lifetime.

And that lifetime belongs to my guest Mike Covell.

A writer and historian on all things Yorkshire, he has steadily delved deeper and deeper into the darkness that shrouds the history of the region.

With nearly thirty published books, radio and television credits too long to list though which include Most Haunted, Most Haunted Live and Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff, no one man seems better placed to join us as we try to find out why Yorkshire finds it hard not to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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