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      whether you like it or not

Whether You Like It Or Not

Here at Peer Beyond Productions, we are currently in the pre-production phase of an incredibly exciting new project.


Along with an incredible team of talent, including film makers Francis Williams from Vivid House Studios and Chris Marchant-Jones from Summerhouse Films,and famed music producer and technical Thomas Hammond, we are filming a feature-length documentary on the UFO/UAP phenomenon.


Featuring interviews with contactees and experiencers, broadcasters and authors, and professors of astrophysics and theology, we examine what is going on in the skies, and why...

There is something strange in the skies.

Some say they've been here for many years now.

In the past few years, however, something has begun to change. There is a wave of engagement and acknowledgment from those in power, steadily rising to new heights.

The time for 'belief' is behind us.

The phenomenon is real.

Whether you like it or not.

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