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     solving the hard problem of consciousness


 Stephen Hawley Martin

season two                            episode ten

Solving the hard problem of consciousness

with Stephen Hawley Martin

Since the beginning of modern science, going back hundreds of years, the answer to one question has remained elusive. However far our studies of neurology go, however closely we map the human brain, or any animal brain for that matter, it appears that there are parts of our being that are yet hidden.

The approach and theory that everything that is, exists in a physical form in some way, is being increasingly challenged. 

That which we know as our consciousness is posing a problem to those trying to find it in a physical sense. 

Phenomena such as the near-death experience, the out-of-body experience, dreamwalking, remote viewing, psychic mediumship and reincarnation all go against what we know and can study.

And whilst some may not believe in any of the above being ‘real’ in the sense we know them, there is a mountain of evidence to the contrary. 

Thus, if we are to believe that even a mere 1% of the evidence of these things is true, then there must exist a form of being which is outside the physical body.

As German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer said, “all truth passes through three stages; first it is ridiculed; secondly it is violently opposed; then thirdly it can be widely-accepted”

Where you, personally, are on that scale will differ of course.

But if we are to get to the grand truths of these strange things, we must be willing to take the risks, suffer the ridicule, stand up to the opposition, and stay together. 

My guest tonight is spearheading the research and reporting of such things, and his wide collection of excellent books cover many aspects of the human consciousness. 

It is a joy to welcome the great Stephen Hawley Martin to the show to talk through his work and his books, and to explain how if we want to understand what we truly are at the base level, we should all try without pause, to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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