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the shortest history of Britain

The Shortest History of Britain

Which Roman leader conquered Britain? Which one of Henry VIII’s wives survived? Which one of the Richards was it that they found buried in the car park?

History is endless, and it’s so difficult to remember all the names and dates, who was King at this time or that, who succeeded who to be Queen of where?

I really wish at times I’d paid more attention in history class.

So here’s your answer.

Twelve short episodes which break down the full history of Great Britain into manageable pieces. We take the bullet-points of the history of our nation, the main things you need to know to keep up with any conversation about history, to nail those pub quiz questions you always drop points on, to show off just a little that you can immediately answer Claudius, ‘Katherine Parr’ and ‘Richard the third’ to those previous questions.

I’m not here to bombard you with the boring things, buy a book if you want that.

I’m here to take you on a whirlwind tour of the history of our great nation, from the very beginning to the modern day.

It’ll be fast, it’ll be jam packed, it’ll skim the surface a little, but I promise it’ll be fun, and there’s a chance you might actually remember something this time.

Listen to The Shortest History of Britain with myself, Mark L. Watson.




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