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the terror of Devil's Den


Terry Lovelace

season one                      episode eleven

The terror of Devil's Den

with Terry Lovelace

This world that we all obsess over, this world of paranormal and spiritual and extra-terrestrial research is filled with stories and anecdotes that either verify or nullify our beliefs.

Many are hearsay, tales that are passed on from sources unknown, the details around them fluttering and changing like the winds. It is often hard to distinguish what is real and what is merely folklore.

Then occasionally a story comes along that is different. A story that smacks you between the eyes, makes you question everything. It validates things you perhaps suspected may be true, but adds more questions to the ever-growing list.

My guest tonight brings us his story and it is all of that.

A story that begins, as most do, with an innocent event, an unremarkable day, an unsuspecting participant. But one that ends with the world on its head and lives changed irreparably.

In an extended special, we change the format of the show slightly to welcome former Assistant Attorney General Terry Lovelace to the show to tell us the incredibly disturbing tale of what happens when you have no choice but to Peer Beyond The Veil.

The full account is available in Terry's book here

The incredible sequel is out now and Terry will be joining us soon to discuss it

You can buy it here


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