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                                                 episode six


In this episode we start the tumultuous 1300s with the First War of Scottish Independence, with William Wallace and the great Robert the Bruce. 


The country is ravaged by the deadly storms and rains of 1315, torn apart by the Black Death of 1348 which killed as many as half the population of the country, and were led into the first part of the Hundred Years War, a battle with France which would define the country and it's progress for centuries to come. 


It was, however, a time of great chivalry, with the formation of the true English language and the works of Chaucer and Gower cementing our language in place for evermore, along with composition of some of the great works of Medieval music which would lead the way what would follow.


Robert the Bruce in Bannockburn

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Edward II and his favourite, Piers Galveston - by Marcus Stone


Geoffrey Chaucer

Edward, The Black Prince

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