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                                            episode seven


In this episode we delve into the 1400s, a transitional period of British history, and one which sees us move from the line of Plantagenet kings who had ruled the country for some time, over to the House of Tudor.

The Hundred Years War draws to a close with the final phase, which climaxes with the War of the Roses, and the death of the king at Battle of Bosworth Field.

North of the border the nation is rocked with the ceaseless waring between the crown and the Clan Douglas, which leads to bloodshed across the land. 

But great changes were afoot too, with the establishment of some of the great colleges and churches of the time, and the development of game-changing inventions which would have an impact on the world as we know it today.


Aberystwyth Castle

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Owain Glyndwr


Eton College


Clan Douglas members in modern-day Edinburgh


Caxton's Printing Press

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