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whispers from beyond


Eve S. Evans

season one                    episode thirteen

Whisper from beyond

with Eve S. Evans

Warning: contains actual EVP recordings.

There is much to be discussed about what it is that makes certain people more prone to experiencing the paranormal than others, and it is something that we have indeed touched upon in previous episodes.

One thing is certain though, for those whose pathway has been opened to such things, life can be a rollercoaster of weirdness.

Shadow figures stand in the corner of rooms, horrible old hags wake you from your sleep, and flickers of communication from wherever arrive to you throughout the day or week like junk mail.

It is something that most would say cannot be turned off, and something that should ideally be embraced and not shied from. Regardless, it is often beyond their control or command.

My guest tonight has spent her life being visited by the beyond, and has accepted that is now a part of her normality.

With a huge array of published books covering topics such as haunted hospitals, haunted hotels and haunted objects and items, and now her very own fascinating podcasts ‘The Ghosts That Haunt Me’, it is our great pleasure to welcome Eve S, Evans to the show to discuss how she has now come to accept the normalcy of being able to Peer Beyond The Veil.

Eve's collection of books can be found here


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