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Mark L. Watson's first novel Where Men Once Walked was released in 2017, after nearly three years in production.

Set in a near-future world where society is crumbling to the pressures of global disaster and where mob-rule and martial law battle each other for supremacy, it paints a vivid scene of a quasi-dystopian landscape.

As civilisation begins to unravel around him, Jay is stranded in possibly

the most remote corner of the world.

With the help of two grounded airmen, he begins the seemingly impossible route across the planet on foot.

With temperatures rising, coastlines flooding, and martial law in full effect, the race is on to make it home before their world implodes entirely.

Wrapped in beautiful, stark language, this is a tale of disaster, destruction and the power of never giving up hope.










The second novel Where Fires Are To Burn was released in 2019, and acts as a second instalment to the first, set in the same world though with a different cast of characters. The story tells of a young family holed in northern Mexico, battling to survive each day. When disaster strikes them where it hurts the most, they must set out on foot across a ravaged countryside in search of even a glimmer of hope. 

Long after the evacuation, Ryan and Kiara are fighting to keep their family

alive in a world where everything fights back against them.

But when their son is taken, they must set out across apocalypse-ravaged Mexico to search for him, risking absolutely everything to do so.

Beautiful and brutal, this is the story of an undying love and the lengths one must go to to protect it in the most unforgiving world.










Mark's third novel is Victoria Courtman and the Blackbird. A tale of medical conspiracy and intrigue, it paved the way for Mark's latest podcast release, Double Helix.

When Victoria blacks out behind the wheel of her car, she is thankful to be alive.
But why did the car not crash? And where did the last three hours go?
As she embarks on a mission of discovery, Victoria discovers secrets about herself that were long-buried, black-budget research programmes, and one of the greatest medical conspiracies of all time.
The big question though, is whether or not she can stay alive long enough to get to the truth.









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Where Men Once Walked

Where Fires Are To Burn

                     Victoria Courtman and the Blackbird

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