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Mark L. Watson's first novel Where Men Once Walked was released in 2017, after nearly three years of writing.

Set in a near-future world where society is crumbling to the pressures of global disaster and where mob-rule and martial law battle each other for supremacy, it paints a vivid scene of a quasi-dystopian landscape.

The second novel Where Fires Are To Burn was released in 2019, and acts as a second instalment to the first, set in the same world though with a different cast of characters. The story tells of a young family holed in northern Mexico, battling to survive each day. When disaster strikes them where it hurts the most, they must set out on foot across a ravaged countryside in search of even a glimmer of hope. 

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Where Men Once Walked

Where Fires Are To Burn

In 2021, Mark announced the upcoming release of a third book based on the story of Edie Courtman

When Edie first contacted Mark with a story for the podcast, little did either of them know that what would unfold would unfold over the following three years would uncover one of the most far-reaching government cover-ups ever documented. 

Starting in small Chinese genetics labs and leading all the way to the doors of Whitehall, Edie Courtman's whistle-blowing story would change both herself and Mark L. Watson's lives irreparably. 


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