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parapsychology vs. the supernatural


Randy Liebeck

season one                       episode fifteen

Parapsychology vs. the Supernatural

with Randy Liebeck

When the Society for Psychical Research was founded in London back in 1882, it provided a hub for scientists and scholars of multiple disciplines to meet and study the fields of the paranormal, as it was then quite recently termed. It studied hypnotism, telepathy and spiritualism, and gathered them into what would become known as parapsychology.


As study continued, and the disciplines changed and evolved, so too did the understanding of how it all worked.


There are, of course, an endless amount of theories and no concrete proof, and whilst the mainstream media circulates numerous shows on ghost hunting and provides its own evidence of spirits, communicating from beyond the grave, sending messages, manifesting as shadows and moving objects, appearing to psychics in visions and communicating beyond the void, it is still widely theorised in scientific circles, even within the fields of parapsychology, that much of what is seen and heard could well be created in, from or with, our own minds.


That is not to say of course that it should not be treated as paranormal or supernatural. If our mind truly can project thoughts to such a degree, create visions that are seen by more than merely our own eyes, then that is surely as incredible as any proof of life after death.


However, all that said, a true scientific mind will remain open to all possibilities without closing any avenues off. It is perfectly possible that there are many explanations all at play at the same time. It may be that there is a life after death, and a way for the passed to communicate or manifest, but that there is also a yet-undiscovered way for the human brain to project itself onto an external canvas and create from seemingly nothing. It may be that there is life living beyond our planet, and they may indeed be visiting us, but that there are cerebral anomalies that hallucinate things in the sky or patch over gaps in consciousness with images of alien creatures. Our brain, our science, and the massive lack of understanding of both, leave much to be discovered and more questions than answers.


That is why we do this, and probably why you’re listening.


My guest tonight is research specialist, field investigator and journalist who covers the fields of ghost and poltergeist activity. An ex-Law Enforcement officer, he approaches everything he does with a keen eye for detail and a critical and levelled approach. And, crucially, he is not quick to categorise such experiences as pertaining to ghosts, spirits, or any of the alike.


Randy joins us to discuss his work in the field, his study of parapsychology, and how he is just as ready to debunk or to reconsider the evidence, as he is to Peer Beyond The Veil.


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