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The South Shields Poltergeist


Darren W. Ritson

season two                        episode seven

The South Shields Poltergeist

with Darren W. Ritson

There are hundreds and thousands of cases of hauntings and ghost activity, spread across the world, and across time. 

We hear the tales of the things which go bump in the night, the whispers of the shadows who duck from sight just as our eyes catch them in the doorways and corners. 

We see the grainy photos, the questionable orbs, the video footage of the door creaking open by itself. 

Some of it is remarkable, some of it could surely be proof of something. Though much of it can also be explained away, debunked, at the very least doubted.

But occasionally, there is a case which cannot be disputed.

A situation, of a haunting by ghosts or spirits, the dead, the passed-on, or by what we know as a poltergeist.

Many would posit that such things are not indeed spirits of the once-living, but separate entities entirely. When the great, landmark cases come along, they are documented and studied and remembered throughout time, and the evidence and the happenings which took place during it become the next clues towards what exactly is going on. 

We have the case surrounding Borley Rectory or Thornton Heath, the events surrounding the legends of the Bell Witch or the Black Monk of Pontefract, and the infamous Enfield poltergeist. 

With a level of intrigue, seeming confidence in itself, and an unparalleled level of violence and intensity, none are more worthy of note than the case of the South Shields poltergeist.

My guest tonight was a writer and researcher of all things paranormal with numerous publications to his name, when he was contacted to help with the case.

What ensued over the months which followed present a terrifying and inarguable case of torment and horror.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Darren W Ritson to the show to talk about his work and the case and to tell us how he was thrown into the middle of a whirlwind which left him no choice but to Peer Beyond The Veil.

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