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from ritual to reality


Gary Michael Vasey

season one                             episode six

From ritual to reality

with Gary Michael Vasey

We have all, at some time, heard the creaking footsteps on the landing at night when we should be asleep, pulled up the duvet, tucked our toes inside and waited, our little hearts beating away in the silence until we finally realise it was just a sibling or a parent and we laugh and return to sleep.

But for some, the footsteps outside the bedroom door don’t belong to anybody. At least not anybody that we can see. Those children, many of them, learn to shut it out. 

But some show no fear. They untuck their little feet from the warmth of the duvet, step out into the dark and open the bedroom door to the noises beyond. Fear will not rule those people. They are the people whose arms open, whose voices speak into the dark. They are people who begin to look for the answer.

Tonight we are joined by Gary Michael Vasey, multi-bestselling author, podcaster, magician and occultist, as we explore the connections between all things weird.

His book My Haunted Life, tells the tale of his own upbringing in the tumultuous  world of the paranormal, before he started the Haunted Life series, taking all manner of weird, wonderful, and outright terrifying stories submitted to his MyHauntedLife website and putting them to print.

He has since worked on phenomena such as the Black Eyed Children and The Old Hag, whilst steadily becoming a more and more accomplished practitioner of magick, in turn writing many books on the subject.

With over forty to his name, and a new podcast The Magical World Of G. Michael Vasey, we are delighted to welcome him to Peer Beyond The Veil.


Gary's website is

Visit to find details of his work, his books, his music and his new podcast 'The Magical World of G. Michael Vasey'

His books are available on Amazon at


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