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                                           episode eleven


In this episode we take a tour through the 1800s.

We take a huge step towards the Great Britain which we know today. The advances made through the Industrial Revolution continue, well into the 19th century, and some of the developments and inventions of this coming hundred-year period begin to really provide the roots for the technology and the social and cultural and political platforms, which we know today. 

The Battle of Trafalgar, the Battle of Waterloo, The Crimean War, the Zulu War, the Afghan War, and the final abolition of slavery.

We saw the nation rollercoaster from incredible wealth, prosperity and flamboyance, to Dickensian levels of poverty and destitution, and the rise of one of the most iconic Queens in world history, the great Victoria.


Queen Victoria

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Brighton Pavilion


Victorian London


Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson

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