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life and death: exposed


Lynda Rae

season one                        episode seven

Life and death: Exposed

with Lynda Rae


Most of us are not able to pick up on communications with the deceased. We require the assistance of mediums, folk with the ability to bridge the gap, the spiritual chasm between the living and the dead. Such abilities seem to be hereditary.

At the end of it all, when the machine flatlines and the curtain is pulled, we begin a new journey, a new awakening, When we leave the time and space, with all the constraints that it possesses in this world, we move into a place where time and space are not relevant. A week or a year or an eon; perhaps merely the same thing.


No space. No time. Just being.

In 2001, psychic-medium and author Lynda Rae was in a coma for eight days, and eventually died. She moved off to a place she regards as Heaven, and was presented with the grand truths of, not only her own existence and self, but that of everyone she could ever have influenced with her own actions.

She was shown things, told things, and so realised things that would change the way she viewed reality. Then she returned to her living body to learn those lessons.

Author of three books including My Ticket To Heaven, the story of her own near-death experience, renowned psychic medium Lynda Rae joins me tonight to talk about she has done way more than merely Peer Beyond The Veil

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